Our Story

Black Fontaine is a clothing brand based in Orlando, Florida on a mission to encourage young artists and entrepreneurs to realize nothing is stopping them from chasing their dreams!

The owner of Black Fontaine, singer and songwriter Drew Bandon, conceptualized the brand after being diagnosed with systemic sclerosis; a rare connective tissue disorder that severely effected his lungs. Unfortunately, Bandon's ability to sing and perform became severely hindered, and he was forced to explore new avenues of his creativity in hopes of realizing his dreams.

This led him to incorporate the lessons he'd learned while struggling with his condition, to create a truly unique brand that uses bold imagery and messages to inspire perseverance through dark times.

Bandon's inspiration is glaringly reflected in Black Fontaine's aesthetic; which is drawn heavily from rock and mental bands, early 2000's hiphop culture, horror movies, and many other influences. All of which are staples in the personal and artistic expression of Bandon himself.

Lastly, with the projected success of Black Fontaine, Bandon hopes to use the funds generated from his brand to host local pop ups, networking events, and talent showcases in the city of Orlando in hopes of galvanizing the young talent emerging from within the city.